Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy and American values

One of the hallmark values of the Unites States of America is our commitment to National Parks. 


"When John Muir's beloved valley, Hetch Hetchy, was turned into a reservoir, one of his admirers, Stephen Mather led a crusade to create a new federal agency, the National Park Service, and make sure nothing like that ever happened again in a national park."

Ken Burns, Gathering of Spirit, 2014

Preserving and protecting our most special landscapes was a novel idea when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant in 1864. Writer Wallace Stegner famously called our national park concept  "America's best idea" - a phrase adopted by filmmaker Ken Burns 

Our model for national parks has been copied around the world, and is being used to protect places like Tanzania's Serengeti and Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.

Yet Yosemite is the only national park that has been seriously compromised. In 1913, Congress allowed San Francisco to dam and flood Hetch Hetchy, one of the park's two spectacular glacier-carved valleys. 

Restore Hetch Hetchy is taking action to fix this "great American mistake". But we need your help.

Please contribution today. Help us restore Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy Valley.


Restore Hetch Hetchy and numerous others have shown that every drop of water can be captured downstream, below Yosemite National Park. San Francisco refuses to consider restoration, so we have challenged them in court. We have a strong case, with top experts prepared to testify on our behalf. San Francisco continues, however, to oppose even a discussion of the merits of restoration in a courtroom. 

Your contribution will help ensure that our legal challenge is successful.