TV special - restoring Sierra meadows, including Hetch Hetchy - Sunday Aug 2

Hetch Hetchy restoration on NBC Bay Area TV

Sunday, August 2 at 6:30 P.M.


Host Doug McConnell imagines restoring "Yosemite Valley's twin valley - Hetch Hetchy"

We're excited that restoring Hetch Hetchy will be featured on mainstream television in the Bay Area this Sunday (and rebroadcast August 23). It will be the concluding segment on "OpenRoad with Doug McConnell" - in an episode dedicated to the restoration of Sierra meadows. For those not in the Bay Area or who want to see it on their own schedule, the show will stream online as well (I will post a link when it is available).

Host Doug McConnell travels to a series of Sierra meadows where restoration is underway and talks to the people on the ground who are making it happen. Each place is a wonderful success story, with beautiful and inspiring scenery.


Obi Kaufmann, painter, poet and author of the California Field Atlas and other books, waxes poetically about Hetch Hetchy. "It's there for the taking.", he explains.

OpenRoad concludes the episode with its segment on Hetch Hetchy. McConnell is clear that he is not taking sides in the "debate". The opportunity comes across, however, as exciting and compelling, as it well should.

How exciting it will be when we are at the stage of these other projects - when San Francisco's reservoir is relocated, outside of Yosemite, and the actual work restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley can begin.

Check out the show - on TV or online, and let us know what you think.