Some special people

Some special people - the Restore Hetch Hetchy Board 

the courage to start, the strength to continue, the resolve to finish

Last Saturday, we held a Restore Hetch Hetchy board meeting. Our Bay Area-based members were physically present, while those living in other parts of California and other states attended via phone or skype. 

On the one hand, our tri-annual board meetings are businesslike affairs. They are quite different (as you can probably imagine) from being "in Hetch Hetchy on a sunny day in June, standing waist-deep in grass and flowers, while the great pines sway dreamily with scarce perceptible motion." (John Muir's words) 


Board members, and a few others, overlooking the once and future valley.

On the other hand, our board meetings inspire the heck out of us. Some of these people were part of our inception 17 years ago, when we realized that to pursue restoration in earnest we needed to form a single dedicated organization. Other board members joined more recently.

Our board members are a diverse group with a few things in common. They share a love of Yosemite. They have a stubborn streak that leaves them unwilling to live with mistakes of the past. They know that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission can accommodate restoration but will not until it is compelled to do so. Most importantly, our board members share a vision of restoring Hetch Hetchy Valley and bringing a renewed sense of wonderment to generations of park visitors - not just from across America but from around the world.


Like those who serve so many public-interest groups, our board members help our campaign in numerous ways - providing policy guidance, helping with media and social media, telling our story and connecting Restore Hetch Hetchy to people and organizations with influence. Our board members provide financial support as well - 100% of the current board contributed toward our board challenge over the coming of the new year.

We are both always buzzing with excitement after a board meeting. It's an honor to work for these people, as well as on behalf of all Restore Hetch Hetchy supporters.

If you can, come to our Annual Dinner in Berkeley on April 9. You will have a chance to meet some special people as we celebrate our campaign.