Restore Hetch Hetchy 2017 Annual Dinner




For more information, please contact Julene Freitas (  If you are unable to attend but would like to support our work, any contribution would be most welcome.

For tickets, contact our office (see above) or purchase online at Eventbrite (fee required).


Mark Cederborg, currently serving as Vice  Chair of Restore Hetch Hetchy, is a Restoration Specialist, Manager and Principal at Hanford ARC. Mark’s experience in habitat restoration has guided and inspired Restore Hetch Hetchy since our inception. Mark authored the Dam Removal and Valley Restoration chapters of “Finding the Way back to Hetch Hetchy Valley” (Restore Hetch Hetchy, 2005).

Mark Palley, currently serving as Secretary of Restore Hetch Hetchy, is a civil litigation attorney and a founding partner of an Oakland law firm called Marion's Inn. Mark’s legal expertise has served Restore Hetch Hetchy throughout the life of our organization – from drafting our bylaws to advising our legal campaign in the California courts.

Hans Florine is a world champion rock climber, who holds or shares several records for climbing the “nose” of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Hans sees Yosemite Valley as the Mecca, the center of the climbing universe, and Hetch Hetchy Valley as all but unknown due to the limited access to its walls. “We are missing out on the sister of the greatest climbing area in the world.”, he says. 

Rob Reich is a pianist/accordionist and quintessentially what makes the San Francisco music scene a vibrant and vital mecca for independent music. Reich’s music combines strong melodic ideas, rhythmic drive, and a spirit of irreverence and experimentation. 


Adolph Rosekrans

Ann Hayden

Brooks Anderson

Environmental Defense Fund

Hanford ARC

Hans Florine

Isabella Salaverry

Jim Fousekis

Lance Olson

Mark Cederborg

Mark Palley

Matthew and Kim Marcis

Pete Van Kuran

Roger Williams

Ron Rick Design

Virginia Johannessen






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