We have tried to include some of the most useful and interesting materials related to Hetch Hetchy's legacy and restoration on these pages. If you are looking for something but cannot find it, let us know. 

Our library is organized as follows:

  • Press: Some of the more interesting, provocative and relevant newspaper articles, editorial opinions and so on. There is a ton more out there, but we did not want to put an overwhelming amount of material on our website.
  • Media - Books, film and music: The story of Hetch Hetchy looms large in American History. In several books and films, Hetch Hetchy is the subject. In others, it plays plays a key role.
  • Media - Photographs: A variety of images , old and new, on our website are linked to Flickr.
  • Documents - Reports: A plethora of important material related to water supply and hydropower replacement, as well as other issues.
  • Documents - Fact Sheets: A good place to learn about alternatives for restoration without diving into a lot of reading. But after you start here, perhaps you will have an appetite to dive into the longer reports.
  • Documents - Letters: Some letters, mostly between government officials, about Hetch Hetchy. 
  • Restore Hetch Hetchy Newsletters: Our newsletters.


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