2019 Fall

  • Hetch Hetchy and the Media, Exploring Hetch Hetchy by Boat, Creating a better Yosemite

2019 Spring

  • Survey results support restoration, broken promises at Hetch Hetchy, Value of a Valley report, reflections on 2019 Annual Dinner, happy 100th birthday to Dorothy Bobbitt, postcards and posters available

2018 Fall

  • Legal rulings & next steps, new board members, Department of Interior, Bay-Delta Plan, outreach in Yosemite, holiday shopping and Save the Date for our 2019 Annual Dinner (April 13, 2018)

2018 Spring

  • Appellate Court hearing set for May 30, release of Bill Kirchen's "Hooray for Hetch Hetchy", "Walk the Valley" campaign 

2017 Fall

  • 3 page Restoration Panorama, Dams and Your National Parks, Remembering Margaret and Roger Harmon, San Francisco's Groundwater Improvements, Save the Date for Restore Hetch Hetchy's 2018 Annual Dinner

2017 Spring

  • Descriptions of some wonderful and very welcome amicus briefs filed in support of our legal case file by the State Water Resources Control Board, former statewide officials and Yosemite Superintendents, law professors and the Earth Island Institute, along with pictures from our 2017 annual dinner. 

2016 Fall

  • Legal Update, Upstream and Downstream on the Tuolumne, 2017 Annual Dinner, book reviews, Doug Harnsberger profile, Hetch Hetchy is worth more as a valley than as a reservoir

2016 Summer

  • National Park Service Centennial panorama, Centennial essay, water and power solutions, Hetch Hetchy haiku winners

2016 Spring

  • Court ruling, Klamath, Annual Dinner, Hetch Hetchy and the creation of the National Park Service, Kathy Schrenk profile

2015 Fall 

  • Litigation Victory, $120,000 Board match, Hans Florine, Pete Van Kuran Profile

2015 Summer

  • Restore Hetch Hetchy goes to court, Annual Dinner recap, Martha Davis speech, Virginia Stock Johanessen profile

2014 Fall

  • Yosemite's 150th birthday, California's drought, Lance Olson profile, Muir's ride, legal activities

2014 Spring

  • Yosemite's 150th and Abraham Lincoln, Drought and Fire, Film reviews, Other cities have stepped up, Roger Williams profile

2012 Summer

  • Signatures collected for San Francisco ballot

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