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  • Salute to Ron Stork - 30 years of dedication to California's rivers


    On August 22, Friends of the River will be celebrating Ron Stork's 30 years of hard work and dedication to protecting California's rivers! It's a well deserved tribute.

  • Yosemite is so crowded no one goes there anymore


    Serious solutions are necessary to avoid loving our parks to death

  • Walking a mile in their shoes


    They say that before you criticize someone, you should "walk a mile in their shoes".

  • "Two Grand Valleys" and Senator Feinstein


    "Two Grand Valleys" and Senator Feinstein

  • spring snowmelt 2017


    Spring Snowmelt and Flow on the Tuolumne River

  • Hetch Hetchy, the earthquake and the boodle


    The story of how Hetch Hetchy Valley came to be dammed, a century after the fact, is often simply told:

  • East Palo Alto, East Porterville AND Hetch Hetchy


    Restore Hetch Hetchy is pretty much a single issue organization. Our mission is simply:

    "to return the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park to its natural splendor ─ while continuing to meet the water and power needs of all communities that depend on the Tuolumne River."


  • Legal Campaign Update



    In 2013, the Restore Hetch Hetchy Board of Directors elected to pursue a litigation campaign to restore Yosemite National Park's Hetch Hetchy Valley.

  • State & Federal Laws, and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir


    San Francisco's O'Shaughnessy Dam (along with its Hetch Hetchy Reservoir) is considered a "local government" facility. Most such facilities are subject to regulation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

  • The big long melt of 2017


    We're just getting started -

     the snowmelt season will run into August

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