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  • Godzilla, Groundwater and Hetch Hetchy


    It is both fashionable and correct these days to explain that "there is no silver bullet" for solving California's water supply problems, and that solutions must use "all the tools in the toolbox". But perhaps no tool is as important as improving the recharge of our depleted aquifers in wet years. 

  • Compensating Good from Outrageous Evil


    "The conscience of the whole country has been aroused from sleep; and from outrageous evil compensating good in some form must surely come."

  • Getting into the Hetch Hetchy backcountry (or not)


    The reservoir behind O'Shaughnessy Dam not only makes Hetch Hetchy Valley inaccessible, it makes access to the surrounding area very difficult as well. That is not the way is it was supposed to be.

  • Water storage for a not-so-rainy day


    We all know water storage is important in a state like California.

  • Yosemite needs your help!


    Yosemite Needs Your Help

    Return Hetch Hetchy Valley to the American people

  • posters and bumper stickers


    Get a Restore Hetch Hetchy bumper sticker or poster (available with blue or green background).

  • BAWSCA's big little deal


    BAWSCA's Big Little Deal

    Reaching out to the Yuba River

  • They drink the Tuolumne River


    Last Thursday I took a trip to Foster City to talk to the folks who use most of the Tuolumne River water that San Francisco imports to the Bay Area. I had not visited them in more than a year and it seemed like a good time to stop by.

  • This land is your land, but ...


    When we think about the public land that we own, as citizens of the United States of America, it is natural to conjure images of Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Great Smoky Mountains and other national parks. 

  • Restore Hetch Hetchy newsletter - Summer 2015


    We have posted our 2015 summer newsletter. Read about our lawsuit against San Francisco and our plan for returning Hetch Hetchy to Yosemite National Park and all people.

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