BAWSCA Replies re East Palo Alto Water Woes

Alleges "wrong and misleading statements"

As you may have previously read, East Palo Alto uses less water per capita than any of San Francisco's wholesale customers, but has been forced to issue a building moratorium due to lack of a guaranteed water supply. All parties agree the situation needs to be fixed. 


East Palo Alto's per capita water supply consumption compared to other BAWSCA member agencies.

On August 15, I sent an email "blast" titled "East Palo Alto Water Woes - Our Water Supply Agencies Can Do Better" to our Restore Hetch Hetchy list (our list includes mostly supporters, but many other interested parties as well). I said the agencies could have and should have prevented the situation from occurring, and stated that the agencies should fix it as soon as possible. 

On August 18, I wrote a letter, expressing essentially the same message, to President Francesca Vietor of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Chair Randy Breault of the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA), the group representing San Francisco's customers as a whole.

On August 24, I received a reply from Nicole Sandkulla, President and Chief Executive Officer of BAWSCA, asserting that my August 15 email included eight statements that "are wrong or misleading". Ms. Sandkulla asked me to distribute her response to our Restore Hetch Hetchy list, which I am doing now.

In my view, there is little or no merit to the claim of "wrong or misleading statements". But please read BAWSCA's reply and decide for yourself. I would be curious to hear any feedback.

As I indicated in both my email blast and my letter, I have great respect for the people that run utilities. Sometimes, however, they get trapped in a business model that no longer makes sense. This is one of those times.

I understand that many people would rather read about Yosemite than about the nuances of running water agencies in the Bay Area. Please remember, however, that Restore Hetch Hetchy has a dual mission (statement below). We won't win unless the system works for everybody.



Spreck Rosekrans, Executive Director