A new generation of San Franciscans?

 We need a new generation of San Franciscans -

without Hetch Hetchy in their DNA


This news clip from a few years ago includes a telling quote from historian Kevin Starr (at the 9:00 mark).

"For multi-generational San Franciscans such as myself, Hetch Hetchy is part of the DNA code of San Francisco. It is one of the foundations upon which the greatness of this city rests. And to comprehend disestablishing it, tearing it down, going somewhere else, is almost to think the unthinkable."

There are perhaps two lessons in Starr's quote. They are not new, but do serve as a useful reminder. First, many of the folks in San Francisco who oppose restoration do so for emotional reasons. We understand their concern about reliable water supply and are confident that "not one drop need be lost". But the conversation often does not get that far.

Second, we need to reach out especially to the new generation in San Francisco - people who have a strong environmental ethic and are not tied to defending decisions made in the past.

Of course, many San Franciscans, old-timers and new arrivals alike, do support restoration, as do residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties who purchase water from San Francisco. While we cherish all our supporters, it is especially gratifying when we get new ones who "drink the water".

In all we presently count 5,112 supporters, spread throughout California and across the United States, with a handful in various other countries. (This count of supporters are folks who have contributed financially - there are many others who support us on social media and/or receive our email updates. We don't know where most of these folks live, but we are grateful to them as well.)

Not surprisingly, most support comes from California where 4332 supporters are scattered in 54 of 58 counties (Alpine, Glenn, Modoc and Sierra are missing). The top ten counties are shown below.




Nationwide, Restore Hetch Hetchy has supporters in 47 states - Delaware, Kansas and North Dakota are missing. The top 10, after California, are shown below.




As always, we ask our supporters to help spread the word. It would be great to bring in representatives of Alpine, Glenn, Modoc and Sierra Counties and of Delaware, Kansas and North Dakota.

Most importantly, we need to reach out to people in San Francisco. We do need to work with the multi-generational, Hetch Hetchy-in-their-DNA crowd whenever possible. And it is essential that we bring in young people, whether they are native San Franciscans or more recent arrivals, who have a strong environmental ethos and wish to make Yosemite National Park whole again.