A Moderate and Patriotic Package

Since we filed our lawsuit two months ago, we have been "making the rounds" in Sacramento and elsewhere, meeting with elected and appointed officials.


Writer and historian Wallace Stegner called national parks "the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst."

In part due to our outreach over the past several years, most people already understand that the restoration of Hetch Hetchy is a provocative and compelling vision. But many are unaware of the extent of Hetch Hetchy's extraordinary legacy.

They also need to be assured, especially in a drought, that nobody needs to lose any water. We thought we would share an electronic version of the packet of materials we leave with them, backing up our assurances with the facts.

Our packet includes:


Brief Description

Restore Hetch Hetchy lawsuit press release - April 21, 2015

our case: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir violates the California Constitution's prohibition on unreasonable methods of diversion.

Restore Hetch Hetchy brochure (2013)

An overview

Discover Hetchy Hetchy with Harrison Ford (re-released 2011)

Our 20 minute film.

"Restore Hetch Hetchy? It can be done", former California Attorney Generals John Van de Kamp and Dan Lungren, Los Angeles Times, December 2, 2013

Nonpartisan support for our campaign

"Should San Francisco study removing Hetch Hetchy reservoir? Yes ", Carl Boronkay, former General Manager of the Metropolitan Water Disctrict of Southern California, Sacramento Bee, November 3, 2012

Support for the feasibility and value of restoration, from the former chief of the largest urban water system in the state.

"Hetch Hetchy - Congress should undo the destructive Raker Act", Robert Binnewies, B.J. Griffin and David Mihalic (former superintendents of Yosemite National Park), San Jose Mercury News, December 17, 2013

Former National Park Service leaders - (current personnel are not allowed to express personal opinions).


Harrison Ford at Hetch Hetchy with the team from the Environmental Defense Fund in 2006 - from left, Darry Sragow, Jennifer Witherspoon, Spreck Rosekrans, Ann Hayden, Ford, and Tom Graff.

And a few more items:


Brief Description

Hetch Hetchy and California Water Supply (2014)

Short report showing the modest additional water supply investment that would be needed. Other water agencies have done much more to restore degraded environments.

Hetch Hetchy Restoration and Hydropower in California (2015)

The minimal amount of hydroelectric power that would need to be replaced with renewables.

Comments on the Invasion of Yosemite National Park (1913)

Excerpts from the blizzard of newspaper editorials in 1912-13 that opposed building a dam and reservoir in the national park.


Of course, there is more on our website (which also accepts contributions).

Please pass a link to this page along to anyone you think might be interested - we're always looking for new friends!