2016 Annual Dinner Speakers

Please join us and meet these fabulous five special guests:

The Stephen Mather Visionary Award - Malcom Margolin, Heyday Books


Malcolm Margolin

Publisher Malcolm Margolin, founder of Heyday Books, will receive the Stephen Mather Visionary Award. Founded in 1974, Heyday publishes 25 books a year, often in collaboration with California's leading museums, universities, environmental and/or social justice advocacy groups. In addition, Heyday has launched two magazines and founded or co-founded several cultural organizations, presently has six traveling museum exhibits, and has received dozens or regional and national awards.  

In 2013, Heyday published Hetch Hetchy: Undoing a Great American Mistake. Under Malcolm's leadership Heyday has crafted the creative, principled, provocative - and, yes, visionary - lens through which we see ourselves as inheritors and stewards of our natural and cultural heritage.  Malcolm is an author as well as a publisher - his The Ohlone Way: Indian Life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay Area provides a compelling account of life in northern California before European immigration. 

The Stephen Mather Visionary Award is named in honor of the founding director of the National Park Service who played an instrumental role in ensuring that what happened to Hetch Hetchy Valley would never again be replicated within the boundaries of a national park.


The John Muir Heritage Award - David Vassar and Sally Kaplan, Backcountry Pictures 


David Vassar and Sally Kaplan

Filmmakers David Vassar and Sally Kaplan will receive The John Muir Heritage Award.   Through Backcountry Pictures, David and Sally use film and video to heighten the public's awareness of the natural world as well as the issues and challenges of preserving or restoring those landscapes.  Their projects have included not only traditional films, such as California Forever - a two part PBS documentary highlighting that challenges facing California State Parks -  but also unique approaches such as the Grand Teton Video Rivers  - which are projected from the basement of the Visitor Center onto glass panels set in the floor allowing the audience to walk on the screen. David and Sally have also produced.

David and Sally have a special connection to Yosemite, dating back to David's service as a park ranger. Their Spirit of Yosemite has been shown in the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center since 2001. Most significantly for Restore Hetch Hetchy, David and Sally are the creators of Discover Hetch Hetchy with Harrison Ford - a film produced by the Environmental Defense Fund in 2005 and repurposed for Restore Hetch Hetchy in 2011. David and Sally will present a short restoration video at our dinner that has never before been seen in public.

The John Muir Heritage Award is given annually to an individual or individuals who have had a significant impact on the effort to restore Hetch Hetchy Valley to its original splendor.   


Mike Lozeau


Keynote Speaker - Michael Lozeau, Lozeau Drury LLP

Michael Lozeau will be our keynote speaker.   Along with partner Richard Drury, Mike represents non-profit environmental and recreational groups, labor organizations, neighborhood associations, and Indian tribes in their efforts to create and protect livable neighborhoods and cities, clean up air and water pollution, protect endangered species, protect open spaces, reduce exposures to toxic pollutants, and create clean, safe jobs.

Lozeau Drury LLP has spent over two decades creating and implementing cutting edge strategies that have given their clients the tools to effectively address some of California's most intractable pollution problems and go head-to-head with some of the state's most powerful adversaries, including oil refineries, timber companies, federal and state agencies, and big developers. Lozeau Drury's leadership in the ongoing case against Lumber Liquidators was recently featured on CBS's 60 Minutes.

As lead counsel for Restore Hetch Hetchy, Mike is responsible for all legal research on our behalf. Along with colleague Meredith Wilensky, he works closely with Restore Hetch Hetchy staff and prospective experts to develop the legal arguments and technical evidence to demonstrate that the ongoing operation of Hetch Hetchy Reservoir continues to violate the California Constitution.


Special Musical Guest - Brian Judd


Brian Judd

Brian Judd sings and plays mandolin and guitar. He currently performs with Aireene & The Rarities and Shiloh & the Sun. He has played gypsy jazz with the Hot Club of San Francisco and fronted his own eight piece dance band on guitar over the years.  His primary love is for folk, bluegrass & Americana music.

In addition to being  talented musician, Brian is a passionate advocate for rivers and the natural world. He promises to engage the audience at our dinner and to make it a show to remember.